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Jess gives her best tips to try for a happier week. Life is too short not to feel great!


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Hey there, I'm Jess!

I am so honored that I am able to help women find their purpose and ultimate happiness. I help soul searching women find peace, balance and their inner strength. If you're ready to grow in your faith, be stronger, healthier and more confident, you've come to the right place!

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Helping soul-searching women find peace, balance & their inner strength



Taking time out of the hustle of each day to reflect, pray and take care of you is so important for a healthy life! 



Ditch the food guilt & gain control of your weight while growing your faith


Get my book: 15 Minutes to Faith NOW on Amazon!

This book is where the success happens.

I was doing ALL the things fitness.

Working out like a mad woman.

Tracking what I ate to the point of obsession.

Ab checks in the mirror & weigh-ins like it was my job.I had lost weight, got all of the compliments in the world...but still struggled emotionally. I never felt “enough.”

Then I realized what was missing...my physical health was up to par, but my emotional health was struggling. A key to a happy, healthy life starts from within. I don’t care what kind of physical accomplishment you achieve, if you can’t feel self-love and grow in your relationship with God, you’re not going to find true happiness. That’s why I created a daily devotional that allows you to take time to acknowledge your awesomeness and set intentions to make your life even better.

Each day, set aside 15 minutes to be with God, your thoughts and find that peace you’ve been yearning for.

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