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Mindset + Health Coach


Growing up attending a Catholic School, faith has always been an important part of Jess' life. However, when the college years hit, she found herself falling away from God. Toward the end of college and the beginning of Graduate School, Jess , with the help of her now husband, Sean, rediscovered her faith. Since that time in 2013, Jess has been working to grow in her prayer life and have a closer connection with God. Through various life struggles, she has found strength through His words.


Jess and Sean have been married since 2015. They reside in Marysville, Ohio with their furbabies, Hope (Therapy Dog in Training) and Woody (the cutest 13+ year old you'll meet). Jess works as a full time Middle School Counselor living out her passion of helping others. Sean is a Mechanical Engineer, using those brains to ensure the safety and innovation of Honda vehicles. Sean and Jess enjoy running races together, traveling and snuggling with their puppies. They understand how important family is, most importantly the importance of having support. 


Growing up, Jess was the girl who had to work in order to pay for gas money or social events. She was unable to participate in dance and other sports due to family financial instability. In college, she became active in group fitness classes and found great stress relief in workouts. Through a roller coaster fitness journey of weight loss, gain, disordered eating and now finally a place of balance and peace, Jess is so excited to help women find that peace, balance and inner strength itself.

Jess is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


  • You are faith driven and ready to reconnect in your relationship with God
  • You are seeking a healthy relationship with food- no more guilt or obsession.
  • You feel overwhelmed with all of the "stuff" that is thrown at you in the fitness industry.
  • You want custom workouts that fit your needs, goals and schedule.
  • You are ready to make a commitment to improve yourself.
  • You are determined to show up and follow through with your program.
  • You are striving to break free from the self doubt and gain confidence.
  • You want to stop body shaming your, give yourself grace and be the happiest version of you.

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